Use online gift bundle shopping to make your holidays smoother

Holidays can mean headaches in the corrections industry. The separation between inmates and family or friends is felt more severely during the Christmas season. Visitations tend to go up, and with it the need for more searches and scrutiny.

Because inmates are deprived of the normal connections with loved ones during this season of joyful get-togethers, they can become more stressed, depressed and angry. All that spells tension for your facility, staff and other inmates.

Fortunately, there’s an easy remedy for the holiday cellblock blues: online gift bundle ordering.

By setting up a web-based gift order system, usually done at no cost to you through your commissary provider, families can shop online for pre-approved gift bundles for inmates. This offers several key benefits to brighten the holiday season around your facility:

  • Contraband Risk Reduction
  • Happier Inmates
  • Staff Stress Relief
  • Unexpected Profits!

Reduced Contraband Worries

The switch to a software technology that provides web-based ordering allows family members to deposit funds and place orders using inmate accounts via secure web services.  The items are kept in an off-site warehouse, pre-packaged, therefore the risk of slipping in unauthorized items is virtually impossible. After the order is placed, the items are bundled in the vendor’s warehouse and delivered directly onsite eliminating personal contact from the families.

Increased Morale Among Inmates

By creating online bundle packages for the holidays you are providing a secure way for inmates and families to celebrate. The easy-to-use ordering software provides convenience for families to place orders as well as a convenient inventory and monitoring system for your staff.

Increased Staff Productivity

The stress on staff members associated with increased visitation traffic and searches, combined with the normal hectic holiday pace, can take its toll. With web-based ordering taking care of logistics, and secure direct-from-the-warehouse delivery and its accompanying peace of mind, the workload on your staff goes down — and so does their stress level.

Bonus Income for your Jail!

As with any commissary purchase, your facility receives a profit percentage off every gift bundle bought online!  Merchandising the service—offering specials, encouraging repeat orders—just a little can bring in some impressive profits. 

Online gift bundles can be a godsend for your facility during the holidays. They’re a win-win-win scenario that comes with a bottom-line boost.

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